Love You to Pieces our 2016 Industrial Ragtime Records release.

Featuring Melina on voice, Eddie on National Steel Guitar and ukulele, Jeff on upright bass and Fender Rhodes, Fabio on drums and all things percussion, and Alan Williams on trombone.

Recorded March 2016 Hyde Street Studio C, San Francisco Epic Engineering & Mixing Scott McDowell Master Masterer Jonathan Kirchner Produced by Parlor Tricks 

Released in August 2011, Parlor Tricks effectuates seven songs in vivid industrial ragtime splendor.

A red hot version of “Was I Drunk, Was He Handsome, and Did My Ma Give Me Hell?” kicks off the recording—a cover of Dorthy Dunn’s 1931 Ziegfield Follies runaway smash—with smoldering, seductive vocals and smoking improvisational flights from the band. 

Released in March 2008, Parlor Tricks eponymous first foray into digital recording on Garagista Records. This recording features Tampa Red’s My Baby Said Yes and 9 original songs, including Midnight Blue, an ode to Blue Note records... and one in particular. Plus, Hambone Rag, Sweet Potato and other formidable industrial ragtime favorites.

Parlor Tricks contributed three songs to Garagista Music’s 2007 Holiday CD Compilation
Over the course of five days in July 2007, dozens of musicians wandered in and out of Second Act Studio in Irvington, NY to record holiday favorites. Parlor Tricks contributed one original—Under the Tree, which has been heavily featured by Rumblefish—and two rocking covers, Away in a Manger and Deck the Halls. All three songs are what you would only expect to hear from a band hardened to sappy sentiment and steeped in a musical stew equal parts Josephine Baker and Ramones. They are, in short, completely unexpected.

Available NOW at Garagista Music. 

As a service to those among our most beneficent and appreciative audience who through scientific ingenuity, technical acuity and general activity have achieved the ability to traverse chronology at a rate and heading divergent from that bearing and progression considered by most the norm for passage through such, we invite you to join us for a past performance. 


We ask only that you avoid requests for songs from recordings previous to that which is contemporaneous, and thus avoid any potentially embarrassing and space-time continuum disrupting temporal mishaps from occurring, again.


We greatly look forward to making your acquaintance before, soon, later and/or anytime thereafter.


Aug23 Angel Island

July 17 private concert

June 26 Speakeasy Brewery

June 20 Angel Island

June 6 Golden Era

May2 Fundraiser

Apr 9 & 23 Capos

Apr 3 Cafe Claude

Mar 25 Revolution Cafe 

Mar20 Twin Oaks Roadhouse

Mar 13 Revolution Cafe Happy Hour

Mar 7 Golden Era

Mar 5 & 19 Capos

Feb 21/Mar 13/Mar25 Revolution Cafe

Feb 14 Speakeasy Brewery

Feb13 & 27 Capos

Feb 5 Knowhere Speakeasy

Jan 18 Twin Oaks Roadhouse

Jan 17/Feb 15 Cafe Claude

Jan 2 &16 Capos


Dec 31 The Battery New Years Party

Dec 22 Golden Era Lounge

Nov 21/Dec12 Capos

Nov19/Dec5 Private Parties

Nov 9 Golden Era Lounge

Nov 8/Nov16 Knowhere Bar

Oct 25,26,31/Nov1,2 Speakeasy Halloween

Oct 19 Lagunitas Taproom

Oct 17 Capos

Oct 13 Live! in the Castro/Market St

Oct 6/11 KnoWhere Speakeasy

Sept 29 Cafe Claude

Sept 28 Speakeasy Brewery

Sept 28 Castro/JaneWarnerPlaza

Sept 26 Capos

Sept 21/27 KnoWhere Speakeasy

Sept 14 private party

Aug 30/Sept20/Oct18/Nov15/Dec20 Rev Cafe

Aug 25 Reel & Brand Sonoma

Aug 18 Club Deluxe

Aug 17 Bay View Boat Club

Aug 17 Private Party

Aug 15 Capos

Aug 10 Elephant in the Room

July 20 Gualalapalooza

July 18 Capos

July 14 Live! in the Castro/Market St

June 21 Speakeasy Taproom

June 10 private party 

June 7 Starling Bar

May 16&23 Capos

May 2 Cafe Claude

Apr 27 private party

Apr 24 Capos

Mar 23 Private Event

Mar 15 Speakeasy Brewery

Mar 7 Capos

Mar 2 Cafe Claude

Feb 20 private party

Feb 14 Capos

Feb 8 Speakeasy Brewery

Feb 6 Speakeasy Brewery

Jan 18 The Speakeasy/Sketchfest

Jan 17 Capos


Dec 5 Goorin Brothers/Speakeasy

Nov 6/Nov 20/Dec 20 Capos

Oct 27 Speakeasy Brewery Taproom

Oct 6 Spenddrift Gallery, Gualala

Sept 9 Lagunitas Taproom

Sept 1 Angel Island Cove Cafe

June 28/July 26/Aug 30 Capos

June 19 Nevada City Benefit

June 9 Angel Island Cove Cafe 

June 2 Live! in the Castro/Market St

May 11 The Lister

May 10 Capos

April 26 Capos

April 21 The Speakeasy

April 12 Wedding 

April 8 The Lister Bar

April 4 Private Party

Mar 29 Capos

Mar 24 Private Party

Mar 1 Caopo's NoBeach

Feb 15 Capo's NoBeach

Feb 1 Capo's NoBeach

Jan 25 Capo's NoBeach

Jan 13/20/29 The Speakeasy


Nov 11 Korbel Winery

Oct 31 The SpeakEasy

Oct 29 The Battery

0ct 28 The SpeakEasy

Sept 24 Lagunitas Brewery Taproom

Sept 16 Oakland Private Party

Sept 9 Santa Cruz party

Aug 27 Castro Street

Aug 26 Private Party 

Aug 17 Revolution Cafe

July 8 Bombus Regis Airship Party

July 2 Private Party

June 23 Revolution Cafe

June 11 Angel Island Cafe

May 27 Clockwork Alchemy

May 20 PorchFest Bethel Church

May 6 Brewsters, Petaluma

Apr 29 Private Party

Apr 23 Tiffany Ave Street Fair

Apr 8 Private Party

Apr 1 Revolution Cafe

Mar 18 Private Party

Feb 14 Sunset Valentines Cruise

Feb 13 Blue Note Napa

Jan 29 Blue Note Napa

Jan 3 BFF Expresso Sesh radio


Dec 18 Linden Street Brewery

Dec 3 Cafe Du Nord Record Release Party

Nov 5 Burbon Bacon and Beer, Petaluma

Nov 4 Brewsters Beer Garden, Petaluma

Oct 22 Wedding

Sept 23 Mission Skunkfunk

Sept 8 Sausalito Seahorse

Sept 3 Live in the Castro!

June 3 Electric Swingset 

May 28 Wedding

May 26 Sausalito Seahorse Supper Club

May 22 Live in the Castro!

Apr 17 SF Middle Schools Makers Faire

Apr 16 Wedding 

Mar 25 Half Moon Bay Brewery

Mar 19 Creative Arts Charter School auction

Mar 3 Vestry at the Chapel

Feb 27-28 Hyde St Studio C (Pieces Sessions) 

Feb 14 Sunset Valentines Cruise

Feb 9 Fat Tuesday - Notre Dame de Namur U.

Jan 30 Private Party, Sacramento

Jan 30 Lagunitas Brewery

Jan 29 Ca‘ Momi, Napa

Jan 10 Bird & Beckett Bookstore


Dec 6 Livermore

Dec 5 Korbel Champagne Cellars

Nov 20 Amnesia

Oct 17 Creative Arts Charter School Fair

Oct 11 Decompression

Oct 10 Wedding

Oct 3 Awaken Cafe

Oct 3 Live in the Castro! 

Oct 2 Amnesia

Sept 12 Melka Wines

Sept 6 Lagunitas

Aug 25 Doc’s Lab

Aug 15 Revolution Cafe

May 28 Silos

May 9 Starry Plough

May 8 Crepe Place, Santa Cruz

May 3 The Last Word, Livermore CA

Apr 9 Haight St Off the Grid

Apr 2 Torch Club

Mar 28 Beekind, Sebastopol

Mar 27 The Basement Series: Betrayal

Mar 11 The Chapel

Mar 6 Silos

Mar 1 Balboa Theater

Feb 27 private party

Feb 21 Bottom of the Hill w Megaflame

Feb 19 Clif Fam Winery Vero Vino Tasting Room

Feb 14 Lagunitas Brewery

Jan 31 Caspar Inn Caspar

Jan 15 Starry Plough


Dec 5 SpeakEasy Tap Room

Nov 22 Lagunitas Tap Room

Nov 4 Private Party

Oct 23 Off the Grid Haight St.

Oct 4 Lagunitas Brewery

Oct 3 Revolution Cafe

Sept 4 Revolution Cafe

Aug  3 Heritage Fire | COCHON555 US TOUR

July 10 Electric SwingSet

July 9 Off the Grid Pleasant Hill

July 6 Thee Parkside

May 25 Food Wagon Fandango Music Festival

Apr 20 Winters Tavern

Apr 19 Creative Arts Charter

Apr 4 Starry Plough

Mar 20 Off the Grid Haight St.

Mar 14 Pub Republic Petaluma

Mar 2 Thee Parkside

Feb 16 Winter’s Tavern, Pacifica

Feb 15 Lagunitas Brewery, Petaluma

Feb 14 Awaken Cafe, Oakland

Jan 31 50 Mason, SF

Jan 4 Milk Bar


Dec 28 SwingGoth Wedding

Dec 8 Lagunitas Brewery, Petaluma

Nov 3 Milk Bar

Oct 5 the Surf Spot, Pacifica

Sept 29 Rally in the Alley Green Alleys Event

Aug 23 Torch Club, Sacramento

Aug 4 Milk Bar

July 27 Steamstock Festival

July 7 Milk Bar 

June 29 Viracoch

June 23 Lagunitas Brewery, Petaluma

June 17 Cafe Du Nord

May 31 Disco Volante Oakland

May 26 Clockwork Alchemy steampunk con

June 2  Revolution Café

April 28 Lagunitas Brewery, Petaluma

April 7 Milk Bar

April 6 Old Western Saloon, Point Reyes Station

Mar 23 Aqus Cafe, Petaluma

Mar 12 CA Charter School Assoc. 20th Anniversary

Mar 10 Milk Bar

Feb 1 Lucky Horseshoe

Jan 13 Starry Plough w/ Rusty Strings Express


Dec 29 Ye Olde Year’s Day private party

Dec 9 Bird & Beckett

Nov 11 Aqus Cafe, Petaluma

Oct 27 Old Western Saloon, Point Reyes Station

Oct 13  Revolution Café

Oct 7 Steamstock Alternate Past Music Festival

Sept 27 Starry Plough w/K.Kenny & the Otherlys 

Sept 15 Viracocha w/Panhandlers

Sept 15 Park Chalet

Aug 23 Swing Goth-Alt.Dance

Aug 19 Brick & Mortar w/Ps&Qs & Liz O Show

Aug 12 Private Party

Aug 11 Wedding

July 7 Revolution Café

June 29 Revolution Café

June 23 Rockit Room  

June 23 Wedding

May 30 Revolution Café

March 9  Revolution Café

February 9  Café Royale


Dec. 4  Revolution Café

Nov. 17   Churchward Pub, Alameda

Oct.16 Bird & Beckett Bookstore

Sept. 24  Revolution Café

Sept. 16  Smiley’s Schooner Saloon, Bolinas

Sept. 15  Revolution Café

August 19  Make-Out Room

August 13  Revolution Café

July 23 The Occidental Arts & Ecology Center   

July 6  Red Devil Lounge

June 9 Café Royale

April 23-24 Recording Ex’Pressions College of Digital Arts

January 14 Revolution Café

January 11 Café Royale


Nov 20 Black Rock Arts Fnd ARTumnal Gathering -- Bentley Reserve 

November 10 Hotel Utah Saloon

October 13 Grant & Green Saloon

October 10  Burning Man Decompression

August 15 Hotel Utah Saloon